Happy 2023

We hope everyone had a wonderful festive break and that 2023 will bring much health & happiness to one and all.


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Turning any Covid-19 Lockdown into a positive

We hope you, your family as well as your friends and colleagues are in good health today and that further continues.


Corona Virus or Covid-19 is clearly changing the way we go about our everyday lives, so with that in mind, we have naturally been contacted by ladies of all ages asking :

“I want to use the Vagi-Wave during the many weeks of lockdown, can I ?”



Simply put – yes as long as you read and follow the instructions before using it.


In fact turning any lockdown into a positive is an excellent idea especially if the idea involves sleeping to help our mind and body harmonise for our benefit.


So if you are suffering from vaginismus or concerned it might surface in the future, then now really is the perfect time to purchase the Vagi-Wave.


Further more, we have also been asked by past customers if they can continue to order our personal lubricant : Moose-Joose because they have expressed the daily comfort they felt in using both day and night.


The answer to that is – yes absolutely.

Most ladies discover Moose-Joose when they add it to their basket along with the Vagi-Wave, however we have noticed a growing trend – ladies are re-ordering habitually because of the continuous daily comfort they experience (on top of intimate activity comfort).


So whether you are looking to purchase the Vagi-Wave (with or without Moose-Joose)  or just Moose-Joose on its own, either option is perfectly ok with us because its’a all about feeling comfortable and valued while benefiting your health and well-being.


Stay Safe Ladies !


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News Flash July 2014

Just to let everyone know, we are currently updating testimonials so you will be unable to upload them at the moment. As soon as we have made space for new ones we let you know so you can begin to upload them once again.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and understand some of you will feel disappointed right now, but we have listened to our customers when they asked us to create more space. We will let you know as soon as testimonials can be uploaded for people to read.

Thanking you in advance for your patience !




Welcome to VM-Worldwide which allows you to purchase the Vaginal Acceptance Trainer (VAT) without retail packaging.

For customers who are in the UK (including Gibraltar & Ireland), the EU, Australia & New Zealand please visit the following website which  (for these areas only) allows purchase with retail packaging.

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