Day Of The Tampon

At 12 I tried tampons & couldn’t get it in or struggled to get it out. Destroyed by failure & my mom saying you have to loose your virginity first, which was along way off,I gave up.

Now married with daughters my eldest (15) recently asked what alternatives were there to towels so she could still swim. I told her about tampons then out of the blue I heard “so how do you do tampons then ?“ 

My mind went back to my horrendous past with me telling everything over many tissues. Yet the fact she’d raised the question was good because like my mother, I’d no idea how to ever begin discussing such a subject.  

We agreed Vagi-Wave & Moose-Joose & her taking time was the much needed answer, and as you advise, practice when there is no yuk.

We spent Sundays reading your sister website  www.vagi-wave.com  & we loved its trendy approach. We learned, giggled & maybe blushed at some adult content, but faced the fact she was on her way to being a grown up.

For any mothers out there you want to get your daughters this much needed Vagi-Wave & lubricant.

The rewards will be theirs but it’s a great feeling when you hear your daughter say “ mom can you add some (brand name) tampons to the shopping, I’ve run out ” followed by a pause  then “no probs ok ” with thumbs up & a cheeky grin. Then you know as a mother you nailed it helped by the backing of a brilliant product !

Mrs Thornton – Chester

Sex life at last !!!

My problem was no matter how much I was up for it I’d burn when his penis tried to enter (am 28 years).Spoke to dr as we want a family & I’d convinced my hubby you don’t have proper sex after marriage except to make a baby so sex stays in the  bachelor pad. Was getting away with it but having to avoid in laws baby making questions etc. Unable to get on the exam bed but heard I’d a condition called Vaginismus & told it’d sort itself out. After reading the info on your site I recall at 15ish bad menstruation needing hospital. The process to find if I had cysts had created a stay away from my vagina so slept around where other sexual activities were practiced & carried on in marriage too. 

Yet somewhere from within I found courage to buy the VW to escape speaking to a dr again &  family questions about conception !

I remembered my hospital incident & read up on why it was needed etc. I get I was too young to deal with it all then but with age I am able to. I wondered if my parents were to blame for not going over it with me but I think in those days things were never talked about out & they just took me to hospital to make me better & that’s what any parent would do so it’s neither their fault. Times have changed, we’ve the web so am jened-up on it all should we have a girl. Completed my 21 nights & though scared was determined enough to be able to have a quick moment. We shall no doubt be heading for a family soon as  enjoyment is increasing. Using every other night until period simply to reinforce the change.I am very happy & grateful, thank you. X

B. A. Denby.  South Wales.


Nobody ever discussed the mechanics of sex or even birth control so I thought it something I’d  inherently knew how to do like in films.But I found I was clueless and so my interest in sex nose dived. At 23 I was feeling a failure hearing about my friends sex lives & pregnancies.I tried copying them but with every sex attempt came pain. I turned to you after my depression was fuelled by the belief painful sex was for life. I read your information & worked out that my cultural past & being of a very small stature had played on my mind as I often felt intimidated around my friends. What I did eventually come to accept was that everything might be smaller but it’s  in perspective for my body but more importantly vaginas change size according to circumstance so there is no need to inflict force stretching my vagina will take care of a penis on its own but should I want back up then enjoy using a lubricant & tge pleasure of a slippery ‘add-on’. And I did, your Moose-Joose was & is fantastic & made using my Vagi-Wave extra nice & I only needed a small amount as it seemed to do its job efficiently with no mess. 

Anyways after using my Vagi-Wave I found things shifted into place as I became more curious about things &  their impact on me & started to look out for me, little ol’Hannah. 

I found a child size speculum so insisted my doctor got & used one instead of the size they often have & breezed through my check up. A new confident me explored my body with a new partner which was wonderful.To be able to acknowledge I too can now enjoy a sexual relationship can be overwhelming. You helped me learn about my body, it’s needs & embrace women hood & all that it entails. A big hug & thank-you to you all.

Hannah D age 23 years nearScarborough 

That wall.

I a virgin on my wedding night, the next night & the next and the next. It literally was that wall. After weeks avoiding due to period I sought help only to be diagnosed with vaginismus & prescribed  lidocaine. Sporadic intercourse got too much, I’d simply cry in the bathroom while telling myself pain was due punishment for something. Felt I should ask for a divorce. My husbands world fell apart, we avoided speaking for weeks. Then he sent me flowers tied up using a Vagi-Wave. I perplexed, he explained, I laughed we held each other &  I cried when he said there would never be pain where there is love. We got very spiritually close & he’d insert the Wave before I went to sleep like we were fixing this together. After 25 nights (we went past 21 as we had a few pop outs) we used the Wave in foreplay before fingers, then him. Lot of info here I know, but  important to share with others because vaginismus is hell for us women. Out of the blue I remembered pushing a tampon string inside to hide it but then couldn’t get it out & my friend had to find it & pull it out. I guess the memory surfaced from nowhere in the past to stop anything going in until I processed the gory details as I slept. You really are amazing in what you do. Thank you to infinity & beyond !

Victoria Elizabeth – International


How I beat Vaginisme


I had , I reiterate had, vaginismus for over 10 years. I tried all sorts of things from hypnotherapy to dilators and was even contemplating surgery at one stage. I lost countless relationships even though my partners were tolerant of my condition. It is only because of the Vagi-Wave that I have come through the other side. I specifically asked them to publish my testimonial because I  hope that it will change someone  else’s life around. Vaginismus is a real problem and if only it was given the same support as erectile disfunction then maybe it would be taken more seriously. I hope this is of interest.

Angie (USA)

LiloMo Manchester

Really happy with the speedy delivery and pretty products. Have now used for 2 months and my problem has gone I am so delighted and wish to thank you all for your understanding and help.


My vaginismus solution delivered beautifully

Thank you for a brilliant vaginismus solution. Having used it since it’s arrival last last month I am head over heels that THIS vaginismus treatment WORKED so easily because all other ones I tried failed miserably. Many thanks! - Wild Orchid USA


UAE Dubai vaginismus solution

Thank you for allowing me to have purchase in bulk to assist many women in the UAE. Indeed an incredible product as is the informative site www.vagi-wave.co.uk - DK Therapist Dubai

Best vaginismus treatment kit by far

I have tried many things in the past and have been disappointed by the pain they caused me due to the forced stretching of my vagina which made me hide in shame as I could see no way of sorting this out. Then a friend of mine stayed over to finalise my wedding plans, and by accident she left her VAGI-WAVE in the bathroom and we talked about it after I asked ‘what’s that?’

I then decided to have one shipped to me and I admit I couldn’t bring myself to use it for the first week but then I found a professional article on the VAGI-WAVE and realised this was going to be my last hope of a vaginismus solution to avoid the ‘Virgin Wives’ circle.

After a long bath and a glass of courage I went for it, I got in easily, and used it for 21 nights just in time for my wedding. I am so thrilled by the result I need to tell you all that my honeymoon was perfect and YES IT WAS CONSUMATED many many times! -from USA Hiker Birdie 

vaginismo ayuda

Espero que lea mi testimonio. Anteriormente no tuve relaciones sexuales con mi esposo durante 10 años, debido al vaginismo. Esto ahora es todo en el pasado gracias a un producto del Reino Unido llamado Vagi-Wave. Yo no podía someterse a exámenes ginecológicos o de prueba o uso de tampones. Le dije que iba a dejar la mayor cantidad de testimonios de lo posible para ayudar a otras mujeres a superar el problema. Ver www.vagi-wave.co.uk para más información. El sitio está en Inglés pero se puede traducir esto. Espero que ayude.

Shipped Superbly

Delivered perfectly to work, I just slept and it did it’s thing and was pain free! Awesome vaginismus treatment. Problem gone. Great result. - SushiSamba Far East


Proper discreet packaging for my vagi-wave, many thanks

Thank you for sending my purchase in discreet packaging I am very grateful, plus I have now used the VAT/vagi-wave for a month and YES my problem has disappeared. I only wish I’d gotten one sooner. Thanks and more thanks! - DizzyMissy/USA


Passenger 57 en-route from UK

It was well worth my trip to London to purchase, after 2 weeks I was pleased to discover I was able to indulge in adult fun so quickly. Worth the trip and definitely worth the money. Feel fabulous and sexy again. Fab result it was worth the air fare because the result was priceless. Am pleased women can now buy via this international site, well done for listening to women saying they want it no matter where they are in the world, Good job VM! – Maxine xxx.


Julia Lang Mumbles 22/23

Having read an article on the Vagi-Wave I decided to give this a go because nothing else out there worked for me.When it arrived, it felt like it had been made for me personally unlike other products I’d bought in the past. Anyway, 6 weeks on I’m here to report I’m in a relationship and successfully managed intercourse, something I was unable to do before your product. I’m so happy & content because my life has changed. A big thank you for the my vagi-wave. No other product has ever worked, it is priceless and you are all remarkable. XXX


Ms Grateful.

Thank you Vagi-Wave, am so grateful for a product so discreet that neither my partner or kids knew what is was when I left it in the bathroom by accident and because more importantly, it did the job and worked.

Trudy Parker from Herts.

I would like to express my eternal gratitude to the kind lady (called Geejay) that gave so much of her time helping me and my husband through the debilitating problem of being unable to consummate our marriage. It took a while and I did cry a fair bit, but with her help and the help of Vagi-Wave we eventually got there and I am happy to say we are now able to enjoy intimate relations where as before it was only something we dreamt of. From the bottom of my heart I really really do want to say thank you because you made the impossible possible and changed our lives in a positive way forever.Thank you, from both of us. XX


Cold ‘n’ Frigid (no more) from Gt Yarmouth

Bought by my husband in November. Was dreading Xmas because of all the other stuff I’d used turning out to be a waste of time & money & making me feel worse than ever. Because I’m so impressed that this worked, I’ve followed the independent link using my purchasing code & uploaded my own personal comment : Vagi-Wave At last, something that works, fantastic !!!


LH North Somerset January 2014

This will be the most important purchase you can ever make.I suffered from vaginismus for twenty-seven (yes, TWENTY-SEVEN) years.It is now a thing of the past.I can finally start having a normal sex life with my husband & partner of twenty-seven years.(What a testament to his love, eh).Customer care support is also excellent.If you have any hiccups, fears, worries, anxieties, drop them an email & a lovely lady will hold your hand and wipe your eyes, virtually, of course. This product works. THANK YOU to all of you at Vagi-Wave . xxx

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